From Guitars to Pawnbrokers.

With music as his inspiration, Eagle Pawnbrokers owner Julian Draughn’s passion for musicianship has led to collecting and trading vintage musical instruments for 20 years. Since visiting his first pawn shop in 1983, Draughn’s fascination of pawnbroking traded items fueled his interest leading into entrepreneurship privately.

Nestled in quaint Randleman NC, the Eagle Pawnbrokers dream was born. With Draughn luckily recruiting longtime colleague Barbara Sheppard for accounting, Sheppard quickly acquired pawnbroking skills of her own. The two instantly created a team positively accenting each others personality destined for success.

Divi Title

After the arrival to our new home at 214 S. Main St., we had four walls we could call home. With our nostalgic neon sign lighting downtown, our classic look was created. Now offering you the best service, we could finally look our best.

In an industry that is constantly changing our knowledge broadens almost daily. From starting in the music business our experience is now well crafted in jewelry, collectibles, firearms, coins, tools and mostly all items of value. Being a private owned business our customer base has become family. The pawnbroking industry has its share of generic brands. Experience the new standard of branding in the pawn business, experience Eagle Pawnbrokers.




“Here’s to looking like new money!”