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     Short Term Loans


  • Low Rates & No Confusing Contracts

  • Simple Payment Plans Easily Explained & Detailed

  • Renewals & Extensions that fit all Household Incomes

  • No Credit Burden, No Credit Checks & No Penalites

  • Confidential & Private with Safe Friendly Enviroment

  • Vaulted Security with Your Items Insured & Bonded

Our Worry Free Terms.

How does it work you ask? We calculate our loan amounts based on the retail value you pledge as collateral. Your preowned item will be used in comparison to a new identical item’s current retail value. A percentage of the retail price will then be offered to you for use as loan collateral. If you choose to get the most for an item and wish not to retrieve it, simply sell it out right.

When the amount is approved by both parties, the terms of the loan will be explained before you enter into the loan agreement. Federal laws require a valid Photo ID of persons wishing to sell or apply for a loan. When the agreement is signed, cash is instantly awarded to you. A copy of the original signed contract is kept by both parties with Principle, Interest, Payments, and itemized list of Pledged Goods listed.

Loans are for 101 days with 30 day extensions. Loans with no payments within the initial 101 days result in forfeiture of collateral. Forfeited loans have no bearing on Credit Scores or Ratings.